Art of Spectra’s new piece TENSION will premiere at Teater Halland, Varberg (SE) on 28 March 2019.
TENSION is also shown at Estrad, Södertälje (SE) 27 April 2019.

Photo by Carl Thorborg TENSION

Conflict between body and mind, risks and impulses.

What happens if we are restricted by our rooms?
When our bodies are loaded with energy in relation to each other?
To take a risk, try to read each other’s impulses…

A part of the thematic is Physics, Body and Space… on a philosophical and physical as well as through a social and political context.

Sara Ahmed turn to the concept of habits to theorize not so much how bodies acquire their shape, but how spaces acquire the shape of the bodies that ‘inhabit’ them.

”Public spaces take shape through the habitual actions of bodies, such that the contours of space could be described as habitual”


Choreography: Peter Svenzon
Composer: Peter Svenzon
Dancers: Joakim Envik Karlsson, Ulriqa Fernqvist, Sophie Flannery Prune Vergères, David Lagerqvist, Harland Rust
Video, visuals: Peter Svenzon
 and Joakim Envik Karlsson
Ljusdesign: Robert Jadenfeldt
Photo by Carl Thorborg

Residency: Teater Halland
Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, Västra Götalands Regionen, Arts Council in Gothenburg City, Swedish Art Grants Committee.

Available for tour 2019 and 2020.

Photo by Art of Spectra | On the picture, Harlan Rust and David Lagerqvist