Stora Teatern in Gothenburg
Art of Spectra will be Artist-in-Residence at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg (SE) in July.
The residency is supported by and a collaboration with Gothenburg Dance and Theatre festival.
AOS will start the first research for upcoming work INNER FIELDS and for upcoming performance of TENSION at Stora Teatern in 2020.

Dance City in Newcastle
In August AOS are in residence at Dance City in Newcastle. During this period, Peter Svenzon and Ulriqa Fernqvist will give both workshops and professional training.


Art of Spectra | Point Music festival at Gothenburg festival.

Art of Spectra | Point Music festival at Gothenburg festival. Photo by: Francis Löfvenholm

Art of Spectra are very happy to have been invited to create a part of the Point Couds in Point music festival at the Concert house in Gothenburg (SE) 23-26 May 2019. The company created and performed shorter performances and pop-up events in the house   during two days of the festival.
The Point music took place for the very first time, acclaimed by the critics and celebrated by the audiences. Read more here.

“Trash bags! Already in the entry hall of the Concerthaus at Götaplatsen, the cultural heart of the city, you almost stumble over them. Does the Gothenburg waste management lack efficiency, especially today when a new music festival is launched? No: Suddenly the black bag moves, they become alive. They tip toe through the incoming, dumbfounded audience and sink back to the ground a few meters further. Not only the children are spontaneously enchanted by the innovativ nonsense of the Companie “Art of Spectra”: by a friendly gentleman on stilts, by mysterious slow-walkers or frozen living pictures, which sink into motionlessness after a few seconds of suddenly erupting movements. In fact, this creates a special atmosphere that secures the first “Point Music Festival” in Gothenburg; a cohesion that goes beyond a mere concentrated series of concerts.”
Von Walter Weidringer Die Presse


T E N S I O N | 2020
Tour dates for TENSION 2020 will be presented in the next newsletter… Trailer | T E N S I O N

TENSION – Photo by Malin Arnesson.

GDANSK DANCE FESTIVAL Peter Svenzon was part of the jury in Gdansk at Solo dance competition at Klub Zak 10-14 june, together with Guy Cools, Magdalena Reiter, Marie Kinsky and Rodolpho Leoni. More info here (

Pop up dance GBG In July, AOS gives workshops for young people in Gothenburg City.
The project “Pop up dance GBG” is a collaboration with Gothenburg city. #popupdancegbg