Since its inception in 1998 Peter Svenzon has created more than 30 works and collaborated with a substantial amount of artists, musicians, directors and actors from many differing theatrical genres. His own musical compositions, often electronic in form, provide the basis onto which invited musicians can play in real time. The company has placed great importance on its peripatetic collaborations and residences both at home and abroad.

-In this Svenzonland, the digital characters govern the individual person under pressure.

Lis Hellström Sveningson – GP, Danstidningen

-Art of Spectra features a company of dancers so grounded you couldn’t knock them over with a bulldozer, this is a good thing.

Article 19/ UK

PETER SVENZON – composer, choreographer and Artistic Director of AOS. Peter has created dance works for institutions all over Europe. His work has been shown by GothenburgOpera, Ballet Chemnitz, Regional Theater West and Dansens Hus. He also works as a movement director for theatre, working alongside such directors as Lars Noren, Vibeke Bjelke, Niklas Hjulström, Malin Stenberg and others. In 2014 Peter created a world premiere for GoteborgsOperans Danskompani entitled FREKVENS. As a composer Peter creates music both for artists and for film where he´s working with companys in the UK and US.

Art of spectra/ Peter Svenzon