Adlerbertska konststipendier 2016

2016 was Joakim Envik Karlsson awarded by Adlerbertska konststipendier with the motivation
“Joakim Envik Karlsson är dansare och filmare. Med teknisk briljans på högsta nivå är han en av Västsveriges främsta manliga dansare idag.”

I REMEMBER was awarded from Swedish “scenkonstguiden” in 2015 for “magic of the year”

-Magic of the Year – We want to pay tribute to those who make us lose time and space, I remember – Art of spectra. For a fragment of a forgotten dream, where we are lost into the dark world of memory

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Long-term scholarship – Swedish arts grants committee

Peter Svenzon was awarded 2015 by the Swedish arts grants committee with a 10 years grant for his choreographic work and art.

-The long-term scholarship is awarded to a professional artist who for a long time has shown artistic activities of good quality and contributes to the development of his art area.

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Art Of Spectra was awarded by Stena A Olssons foundations grant for arts and research in 2013.

-They portray life’s different twist and turns with vulnerability and comedy. At the same time we see the equality between the performers. The result is a powerful and challenging complete art work with video, experimental light and specially composed music often created by Peter himself. At AOS dance is life and death in this most revealing and naked of art forms. 
/Sten A Olsson price for arts and research

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Article19 – THE AWARDS 2012 

Outstanding Achievement in Dance Performance – Ulriqa Fernqvist

– When we published ‘Boundaries’ from Swedish dance company Art of Spectra we noted at the time the dancers were so grounded you couldn’t knock them over with a bulldozer. Ms Fernqvist stands out with her exceptional performance abilities that marry subtlety with phenomenal power. Abilities that, perhaps, emphasise the real difference between contemporary and classical performers.

Mentioned in Dispatches: Also from Art of Spectra we have Sofia ‘Sosso’ Harryson with her own particular blend of incredible strength and performance artistry mixed with just a small hint of break-dancing skill.

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Adlerbertska konststipendier 2009

2009 was Peter Svenzon awarded by Adlerbertska konststipendier

Gothenburg City Cultural Award 2008

Peter Svenzon was awarded with Gothenburg City Cultural Award 2008

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