Coppélia – a magical dance fairytale. The child- and family play of the year.

Helsingborg Stadsteater presented, in association with Art of Spectra and support of Västra Götalands Regionen, a magical dance fairytale for big and small. Six dancers and one actor in a high-speed adventure with lots of imagination and playful acrobatic dancing in the family play of the year.

Coppélia was seen by over 11000 people

-The story is easily handed over to our now without losing the tone of the saga. The scenography opens a timeless square in front of the docks Coppélius balcony. In the role, actor Jan Nielsen slides around like an archetypical ”old man in a saga” among the six dancing punks. Youth battles – challenge each other in dance – in a choreography that fuses the structure of the classic ballet with the acrobatic movements of the street dance. There will be a fresh fan of mazurcan and other earrings from Leo Delibes music.
Inside Coppelius doll workshop, they get use of several streetdance styles, the robot dance is perfect when dolls in a row fall out of their drawers. The humor sparkles in figures and dance, and Peter Svenzon knows his genus. Here is the Svanhilda hero and Ulriqa Fernqvist becomes the center without shadowing the other ensembles. She dances with technicality and energy in a play that gives the concept of dolls a new meaning and blows Coppélias traditional borders.
Lis Hellström Sveningson/GP

-In the introductory scenes, however, small quotes from break and fridans are flattered with smooth feeling. Much machine power will be the first in the scenes from Doctor Coppélius Laboratory, where music also becomes an electronic variant of Delibes beautiful vocals. Of course, these sections are the highlight of the show, with densification and great visual beauty.
Björn Gunnarsson HD



Choreographer, direction and composer
Peter Svenzon

Music also by
Leo Delibes

Måns Boll, Victoria Cedergren, Anna Enberg, Ulriqa Fernqvist, Sigge Modigh, Peter Svenzon

Ulriqa Fernqvist

Jan Nielsen 

Light design
Anna Wemmert Clausen

Set design
Håkan Nylén

Masks, Costyme
Helsingborg Stadsteater

Göran Stangertz

Produced by
Helsingborgs Stadsteater

Other collaborating parties
Västra Götaland 

Supported by
Region Västra Götaland

On stage | 5 dancers, 1 actor
Duration | 70 minutes

2005 Helsingborg Stadsteater, Sweden

Head office
411 19

Stockholm office
113 49