Fragment (2014)

A fragment of a memory, a memory that you do not have full access to.
A picture, a sense of an event or dream …
Fragments of a life, of a meeting.

Fragment is the last part of the suit “I Remember”

The texts in the performance are based on real stories and memories from the dancers and participants in the process of the work, except from one text by Robert Ashley. The text of Robert Ashley, Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon is from the Opera “That morning thing”, written 1968.”

“The difference between hug and nudge is subtle ; aggression can also be an expression of contact needs. “Fragments ” is about puberty and lost innocence , of crucial meetings and unpleasant experiences. There is also a kind of powerlessness before the actual memory processes , which are subjected by a dancer that comment events, conjure it.”/ SVD Anna Ångström

Choreography and music
Peter Svenzon

Robert Jadenfelt

Donky production

Graphic work, visual art and video
Josef Atlestam, Joakim Envik Karlsson from Foxhound.

Zacharias Blad, Ulriqa Fernqvist, Joakim Envik Karlsson.

(Version 1 – 40 min) Additional

Morgan Karlsson

Staffan Svensson

(Version 2 – 50 min)

This show is designed to be adapted to each specific location / scene or room with its technical aspects. Together with our technical managers and choreographer, a specially designed technical and choreographic solution will be made.