“6pc PERSONALITY, 8pc NEWLY COMPOSED MUSIC, 1pc CLASSICAL BALLET, 3pc MODERN DANCE, 1pc BREAK-DANCE, 1pc VIDEO ART. Mix them carefully, add one part magic and misc. spices.”

In the play “SOURCE”, Peter worked together with one classical dancer, two street-dancers and three modern dancers to explore their similarities and differences without compromising any of their individual qualities. With sex individual personalities, styles and meetings between them a common expression is created. Music by Peter Svenzon, in the styles of; electro, ambient, electro, acoustic and more… The music is arranged in an interplay between choreography, picture and lighting. In the performance, video is projected, creating an interaction between motion and picture.

-Svenzon wants to suggest that all dance has some form of common origin and builds on it a fun, subtle and varied composition on the dance’s different styles.

It is a both fun and easy disturbing performance with both playful and cleverly performed choreography.

Britt Nordberg / Bohuslänningen

-Without tumbling on breathtaking head spins, Peter Svenzon has a modern flow in street techniques. He takes on brekdance in a respectful manner, which hopefully can contribute to more focus on this hip hop’s most underestimated element …

… They both melt into a collective that, through a slim, on the verge of exclusive choreography, feels very homogeneous.

-Slender activity effectively balances against concentrated passivity in a successful “culture crash”. The only thing the audience is disturbed by is that the performance is far too short.

Liv Landell / GT



Choreographer, direction and composer
Peter Svenzon 

Phax Ahamada, Patrick Acquaye- Idström, Ulriqa Fernqvist, Monica Milocco, Mauro Rojas, Peter Svenzon 

Light designer
Anna Wemmert-Clausen 

Peter Svenzon 

Scenography and costume
Art of Spectra 

Hans Rydman and Anna Lamberg

Collaborating partners

Supported by
Swedish Arts Council, Gothenburg Arts Council

On stage | 6 dancers
On the road | 7 persons
Duration | 50 minutes

Stage​ requirements
Minimum height | 5,5 m
Minimum width | 10 m
Minimum depth | 10m

Performed at
Gothenburg, Atalante
Stockholm, Modern Dance theatre (MDT)

Head office
411 19

Stockholm office
113 49