Who are u

“All human beings are equipped with habitus who individually is unique, but also bears traces of the social context they lived in”
/Pierre Bourdieu

In Who are u, Peter Svenzon continues his quest to develop the integration of visual arts with movement, light and sound. The transdisciplinary work Who are u, will be centered on a group of questions about how we de see ourselves as people. All these issues that we have to face every day, which we have to consider… Questions that defines us and questions that we have to define ourselves through…

In the research work for the Who are u and through the residencies, we have interviewed people from different backgrounds and parts of the world and have taken part in their stories and thoughts …

“What do you want
Why did you come here
Why are you here
What are you doing
What are you doing here
Who are you…”

Poem by Lina Ekdahl -READ MORE-

-With Who are you, Art of Spectra embodies the individual’s vulnerability in the world of digital codes. Lis Hellström Sveningson sees powerful dance.
-In this Svenzonland, the digital characters govern the individual person under pressure.
-Peter Svenzon’s choreography contrasts with solo, where the powerful dancers each provide full exchange, with ensemble parties where the five in close interaction make the energy almost explode. The fragile changes are being exchanged for power outages, which sometimes turn into violence.
-A quality and development worth following. 

Lis Hellström Sveningson – GP, Danstidningen 

-But its movement energy does not only come to the show from the skillful dance ensemble, but also by an advanced light play. Dance is the art form that most consciously uses other art forms. Peter Svenzon succeeds wonderfully in incorporating also the sounds – electronic music, trumpet, noise, voices.

-Each of the taboos painted – sometimes clinically, sometimes in Rembrandt colors – is very beautiful.

Bodil Juggas – Arbetarbladet

– The motion pattern is smooth and powerful and there are no pronounced gender roles. The women make as many lifts as men and the softer movements are made in equal numbers of both sexes. Actually, it should be obvious, but it is so unusual that it becomes clear.

Nancy Bladfäldt – Västerbottens Kuriren 

-It’s a wholly-cast show. Dance, motion, sound, light, music, text, choreography, everything is connected as a machinery where the parts culminate in each other for the greatest possible effect.

– It is nightmare and beautiful and painful with absurd contrasts…

Camilla Dal – Gefle Dagblad



Choreographer, direction and composer
Peter Svenzon

On stage
Norikazu Aoki, Joakim Envik Karlsson, Ulriqa Fernqvist, Yukiko Masui,
Marc Stevenson Tibio, Staffan Svensson.

Staffan Svensson

Set design and costume
Nåck studios Sthlm, Ulriqa Fernqvist

Light design
Robert Jadenfelt

Joakim Envik Karlsson, Josef Atlestam & Peter Svenzon

Lina Ekdahl, Peter Svenzon and Marc Tibio Stevenson

Poster photographer
Carl Thorborg

Joakim Envik Karlsson, Josef Atlestam


Regionteater Väst, Kungsbacka Teater /Rum för Dans and NorrlandsOperan.

Other collaborating parties
Dancenet Sweden, Vara Concert Hall, GAS Festival, GAC, Foxhound, Nåck recordings and Nåck Creative, Allmusik.

Supported by
Swedish Arts Council, Region Västra Götaland, Gothenburg Arts Council and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

On stage | 5 dancers, 1 musician
On the road | 8 persons
Duration | 55 minutes

Stage​ requirements
Minimum height | 5,5 m
Minimum width | 10 m
Minimum depth | 10m

Previous tours
Gothenburg, Stora teatern (premiere)

Extract of the performance (Ballet academy Stockholm 40:th anniversary) Stockholm, Dansens Hus 

Swedish tour 2017 – through Dancenet Sweden 
Halmstad, kulturhuset
Umeå, NorrlandsOperan
Västerås Consert hall
Gävle Theatre
Jönköping Kulturhuset Spira
Vara Concert hall
Falkenberg, Falkhallen 

November 26
Stockholm, Dieselverkstan 


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Stockholm office
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