I Remember (2013)

I REMEMBER – Research in residence and co-production 2013
I REMEMBER will be created in a suite of three different performances

INGRESS – I remember 
FOTOGRAFISKA MUSEET IN STOCKHOLM, Premiere 7 September, 2013. Runs until 9 September. I REMEMBER – Vara Concert Hall, main stage. Premiere 7 November 2013. FRAGMENT – I remember  A shorter work for 2 – 3 dancers, suitable for small and specific venues.

The project with the working title “Remember” is a kind of continuation of work started with the project Avgränsat/ BOUNDARIES. In the new project, choreographer Peter to work with multiple themes but in a “loose” way when he wants to the various meetings with other artists to inspire and to shape developments in the project. In this very visual performance he is also going to work with a new and unconventional way with the room and meeting between artist- audiences.

One of the different themes is memory…
– A memory from when you were a child or teenager…
– Where values are created…
– A bad memory…
– A good memory…
What is real?
Why you felt it so?
How is memory affected the self-esteem and self-confidence?
Or has “it” affected how you remember?

We are conducting a series of short residences in Europe 2012-13. The residence is one to two weeks, during which time we carry out both research work together with one or more local artists and we are Investigating new forms of cooperation and looking for new partners and any guest appearances places with the latter finished production.

Choreography and music
Peter Svenzon

Light and video/ visual art
Ludde Falk

Urban Jörén

Set consultation
Robert Ljung

Set production
Hede Ateljé

Donky production

Ulriqa Fernqvist (SE), Sofia Sosso Harryson (SE), Joakim Envik Karlsson (SWE), Ville Oinonen (FI) and Adrian Ulrich Skjoldborg (D).

Poster photography
Carl Thorborg

Video documentation
Meritxell Aumedes Molinero